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Since 1959, Triad Machines has been leader in Off-Site Construction Equipment

Documented benefits of off-site construction versus traditional on-site construction include:

  1. shorter construction schedules
  2. greater degree of predictability in cost
  3. reduced material waste
  4. reduced site disturbance, and finally
  5. an increase of safety and security of laborers and trade equipment.

Labor productivity has shown an increase of 30% on off-site projects when compared with on-site projects. Ultimately, risk is reduced with off-site construction. (McGraw Hill 2009; FMI 2013; Mortenson Construction 2014; Quale et al 2012)

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Merrick Machine Co. was originally founded by Jim Merrick in 1959. It was established to manufacture a new line of highly automated and specialized machinery for home builders. This automated machinery later became known as Triad Machines.

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