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Throughout the housing industry, Jim Merrick is considered one of the three pioneers in the invention of automated housing machine tools. Starting with the invention of the Window Frame Clamp back in 1959, Merrick Machine Company, under the Triad brand name, has gone on to develop wood wall panel framing, steel stud framing, fastening, sub-component, and stair equipment and machines.

Triad has produced more than 2,000 mahcines for housing, 90% of which are still in operation, quite literally hundreds of thousands of homes have been built with Triad machines.

Over 50 years down the road, Merrick Machine Company is under the direction of Jim's grandson, Russ Merrick who oversees multiple companies: Merrick Machine Co., Triad Fastener, Triad Products Co., and FuTek Tooling.

Merrick Machine Company TODAY

Aerial Photo of Merrick Machine Co. today

Today Merrick Machine Company is one of the members of a diversified family of companies with footprints in Alda, and Hastings, Nebraska. This diversification means that the company has successfully weathered all kinds of economic environments and will be here to take care of helping you grow YOUR business. We are proud to put our products, our people, our manufacturing, and our service after the sale to work for you and your business.