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For Wood

The Trident Bridge was engineered with customer input for sheathing opearations. The new bridge incorporates a nimble 3 tool carriage that gives builders flexibility without compromising speed and efficiency, while at the same time significantly reducing tool cost over traditional bridges. See the full Trident Bridge product page for more details.

The Panel Stapler Bridge is custom built for 8' to 16' wall heights and has push button controls for an one man sheathing operation. See the full Panel Stapler Bridge product page for more details.

The Router Bridge has simple controls for one man operation. The bridge also features a fast hand crank system gives bi-directional control. See the full Router Bridge product page for more details.

Triad's Stud Stitcher Bridge is a one-man framing operation replacing two-man driven tool dollies. The operator guides the Stud Stitcher Bridge over a clamped wall and the bridge is ready to fire. See the full Stud Stitcher Bridge product page for more details.

Triad's MultiBridge allow you to configure multiple functionalities (as seen in the dedicated, single-function bridges above) on a single MultiBridge. For example, in the image shown, the multiple functionalities of the Trident (sheathing) Bridge, the Router Bridge, and the (manually set) PlateFire is shown. See the full MultiBridge product page for more details.

For Steel

Screw Bridge

Triad's latest servo-driven Screw Bridge handles the precise demands of automated fastening. Every fastening screw can be driven straight, and precisely sunk to fasten the material. See the full Screw Bridge product page (with our latest video) for more details.

The Material Bridge is designed to move along the table, and hold materials for the wall panels. This allows the operator to place the material "on the fly" and eliminate the majority of the walking. See the full Material Bridge product page for more details.

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