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Easy Framer

Our most economical wood framing table can also be easily dismantled and reassembled on a job site, if desired.


Now you can have perfectly aligned wall studs and floor joists with Triad's Easy Framer. It combines a table for accurate alignment with the best nailing components available to turn out better quality work faster and for greater profit.

All alignment work is done at the factory. To assemble the table, simply match numbered sections, level and adjust to your desired wall height.

Triad's exclusive flippers make it easy to locate studs and get perfect alignment without time consuming measuring and marking.

Adjustable squaring stops for plate placement ensure accurate assembled walls the first time. The heavy casting prevents movement due to bumping and banging.


  • Electrical Standard: N/A
  • Air Requirements: N/A
  • Working Height: 28" to 32"


  • Wall height (standard): 6'9" to 9'2"
  • Wall height (optional): 12' to 16'4"
  • Wall length options: 16' (standard), 4' multiples up to 80'

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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