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The Econo-Framer is fast and versatile for the job site or inline plant use. Newly redesigned to take advantage of our latest manufacturing procedures, the Econo-Framer is our most economical motorized framing table. With outriggers on both sides it can accomodate a wide variety of wall heights. If you need rail-mounted tool dollies or longer walls, consider our Diamond Quad framing table.


The Econo-Framer is efficient and simple to use. The standard Econo-Framer builds walls from 6'9" to 10'3" in height, and either 16' long, 20' long, or 24' long. (For longer walls, see our Diamond Quad or Gen 3 Framing Tables. The standard Econo-framer has one fixed side and one motor-driven adjustable outrigger side. The optional tall Econo-framer (pictured) has TWO motor-driven outriggers and can build walls from 6'9" to 12'3". For fast, efficient, and economical wall framing on the site or plant in-line production.

Adjustable squaring stops for plate placement ensure accurate assembled walls the first time. It has exclusive Triad color-coded flippers for efficient assembly.

When the wall has been securely and accurately nailed, built-in air-activated skate rollers on each side pop-up the finished wall for roll off.

No factory installation is necessary with the Econo-Framer. The Econo-Framer has leveling shoes on each leg to ensure quality operation of the wall framer on almost any hard surface.


  • Electrical Standard: 110 Volt, 1PH
  • Air Requirements: 1/2 NPT 10 CFM at 90PSI


  • Wall Height (standard): 6'9" to 10'3" (single outrigger)
  • Wall Height (tall): 6'9" to 12'3" (dual outriggers)
  • Wall Lengths: Available in one of three lengths: 16', 20' or 24'

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Pop-up rollers allow easy roll off of finished product

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