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Flip and Tilt Table

When operations on one side of the wall panel quickly and safely are completed, the Triad Flip & Tilt table allows you to access or finish the opposite side.


Triad's Flip and Tilt Table accommodates wall panels up to 12' in height (standard) and wall lengths up to 24' (standard), however, custom sizes are also available upon request.

The table cycles in manual or automatic mode and is made with a "butterfly" design. It flips the wall panel in approximately 1.5 minutes. The table design is varied for wood and steel framing, or modular manufacturing. The Flip and Title Table is custom built based on customer requirements. Horse power, visual appearance, size, and weight may vary, based upon your specific requirements.


  • Electrical Standard: 208 or 240 V, 3 PH, 20 AMP
  • Air Requirements: 100 PSI, 10 CFM


  • 2000 lb. weight capacity
  • Wall height (standard): Up to 16'
  • Wall length (standard): Up to 80'

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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