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Floor Builder System

The Triad Floor Builder System is designed to be a state-of-the-art, single-table, floor system.


The system accommodates 2x8 - 2x12 dimensional lumber, floor trusses, and I-joists, either width or length-wise within the table. The system includes a framing table, material bridge, and nailing/decking bridge, which can be outfitted with either nails or screws.

The table can jig decks up to 16' increments from the base size up to 80' in length and up to 16' in width, with custom sizes available.


  • Laser pointer for bridge positioning
  • Mounting of screw guns for deck fastening
  • Rim fire at 6" oc to fasten decking
  • Router for removal of decking around landings

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Floor Builder Bridge Specifications:

  • Bridge widths of 9'2" to 16'2"
  • Standard hand crank control for bridge movement
  • Push button controls located on bridge control panel
  • Optional joystick control for bridge drive, tool firing, and tool shift
  • Automatic bridge return
  • Optional laser pointer for positioning the bridge at stud and component locations
  • Nail guns mounted standard for deck fastening (optional mounting of screw guns)
  • Tool Bar #1: Decking guns mounted standard 12" oc shift to 6" oc (optional oc spacing available)
  • Tool Bar #2: Manually adjustable decking gun spacing (for decks built length of table)
  • Automatic bridge return

Framing Specifications:

  • Three pneumatic nailing tools on each side of the bridge for framing 2 x 8, 2 x 10, and 2 x 12 joists.
  • Four nails are fired in 2 x 8 floors
  • Five nails are fired into 2 x 10 floors
  • Six nails are fired into 2 x 12 floors
  • Down clamping pads are designed to clamp and flush the joists to the rims. Clamping pressure is 314 lbs. and activates simultaneously with tool-firing activation
  • Clamp senses 2 x 8, 2 x 10, 2 x 12 joists for automatic setting of nail pattern

Optional Accessory:

  • In-feed and off-feed roller conveyor
  • Handle Bar router
  • Rough-Opening Component Assembly Table (Ro-Cat) for bre-built landings
  • Material Handling Carts

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