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Flow-Through Component Nailer

Speed the construction of your headers, trimmers, and other vital components with the Triad Flow-Through Component Nailer.


Triad's Flow-Through Component Nailer was designed to cover all component manufacturing needs. It has adjustable mounted guns allowing for unmatched versatility. With foot pedal firing, the nailer provides the speed rates required in high product operations.

The Flow-Through Component Nailer is ideal for trimmers, partition leads, corners, headers, ells, jack studs, and more.


  • Electrical Standard:N/A
  • Air Requirements: 4 CFM, 100 PSI
  • Length Capacity: 122"
  • Size: 4' H x 21'L x 5'W
  • Weight: approx. 1500 lbs.


  • Vertical clamping pressure: 300 lbs. at 100 PSI
  • Horizontal clamping pressure:300 lbs. at 100 PSI
  • Clamp opening: 13"

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

See an earlier (lower resolution) video on YouTube for the
Flow Through Component Nailer on YouTube.

This equipment is ideal for the following residential and commercial operations:

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