Gen II Wall Panel System

Gen II Wall Panel System

Designed completely with the builder's needs in mind, Triad's Gen II Wall Panel System is more than just machinery, it's a tuned, integrated system. As the leader in the wall panel industry, Triad knows what's important: high production, reduced costs and minimized lead time.

In today's highly competitive housing market, these factors are absolutely essential for the survival of the builder and developer. Triad can not only help you stay competitive, but stay well ahead of the competition.

The advantages of utilizing the Triad wall panel system are limitless. Estimates are now fast and precise because you know up front what your exact material usage, labor costs

and build time will be. Precise, square walls are built from start to finish in just minutes with built-in minimal downtime. Costs are controlled, schedules are met and the finished product is superior in quality.

Triad offers complete plant design and layout as a standard service to provide you with optimum usage of floor space.

Through years of experience, our expert staff is able to accurately pinpoint your equipment needs by establishing material flow, workforce requirements and finished product output data. With Triad's expertise in plant development, we work with you as a team to assure you a more efficient manufacturing solution.

Sample Shop Layout

GEN II Interior Door Plant Layout

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