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Triad DamGate's Hole Cutting System

Get easy and accurate gate holes in your pipe for gated pipe irrigation with the Triad DamGate Hole Cutting System.


The Triad DamGate's Hole Cutting System is engineered for those using gated pipe irrgation for their fields. The Hole Cutting System allows your to do fast and accuarate hole cutting, making the DamGate even easier to install.

The pipe stability rack is manufactured using the highest quality structural steel with a heavy duty, which keeps the pipe inline for the cutting prociess. The heavy duty, plunger type router is used to cut out the hole for the gate.

The router carriage features double-sealed, double-shielded bearings for long life in even the most rugged environments. The carriage utilizes a cam-lock clamping system to insure pipe stability, while maintaining absolute gate hole alignment.


  • Pipe Width: 6", 8", or 10"
  • Types of Pipe:Aluminum and PV

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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