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Open Stringer Saw (OSS)

Capable of cutting a stack of four open stringers at a time, the Triad Open Stringer Saw is a proven workhorse in professional stair production everywhere.


Triad’s Open Stringer Saw (OSS) was designed to increase productivity and cut a perfect stringer every time.

The OSS is powered by two soft start motors and uses two 30”x 80 tooth carbide tipped blades.

The OSS is PC controlled and has automatic indexing and cutting. An in-feed and out-feed roller conveyor comes as standard equipment with the unit.


  • Electrical Standard: 240 Vac, 3 PH, 60 AMPs
  • Air Requirements: 100 PSI, 2 CFM
  • Size: 36' L x 15'10" W
  • Weight: 2700 lbs.


  • Cut up to four separate 2" x 10" or 2" x 12" stringers at one time
  • Accommodates 25 to 45 degree stringer angles

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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