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Pallet Table

The Triad Pallet Table gives you square and rigid pallet construction with quick set-up, and fast height or width dimension changes. Pallet Size: Minimum 26" x 28", Maximum 48" x 54". Designed specifically for one person operation. The Pallet Table facilitates the construction of quality pallets in far less time than other methods.


The Triad Pallet Table is designed to be a low volume, "in house" production as well as multiple unit, high speed and volume commerical production.

The frame top can be adjusted from a flat work table to an angled easel, which allows the operator to nail large pallets without stretching or walking. The height may also be varied to accomodate the operator.

12 adjustable fingers for easy and consistant positioning of the slats. Length of fingers allow slat thicknesses from 1/4" to 1" in thickness.

The deluxe model is equipped with an ASME air storage tank, manifold, air regulator and safety valve. It comes with a quick disconnect air outlet for a pnuematic nailer or stapler.


  • Electrical Standard: 120 V, 1 PH, 8 AMPs
  • Air Requirements: 1/2" NPT at 100 PSI
  • Size: 72" H (max) x 48" W x 40" D
  • Weight: Approx. 400 lbs.


  • Pallet Size: Minimum 26" x 28", Maximum 48" x 54"

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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