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Sheathing Station

Increase productivity with our Sheathing Station that utilizes the Generation III Sheathing Table and Panel Bridge.


Triad's Sheathing Station is made up of two basic components: the Generation III Sheathing Table and the Panel Bridge. The Gen II Sheathing Table is designed to have a framed, squared and pinned wall rolled into place where the operator locates it and power clamps it into position.

The operator then guides the Panel Staple Bridge down the sheathing table line and triggers the stapling/nailing tools at each stud and component location, fastening the sheathing to the wall frame. This is performed either by the manual hand crank and push button firing or optional automatic joystick control. The optional space fire feature automatically fastens top and bottom plates at 3" centers as the bridge moves down the line. The optional perimeter fire fastens all wall opening perimeters to the sheathing. The sheathed panel is now ready for transfer to its next station to complete the closed panel manufacturing or stacked and loaded to be taken directly to the building site.

Generation III Squaring/Sheathing Table Specifications:


  • Electrical Standard: 100 Volts, 1 PH, 10 AMPS
  • Air Requirements: 1/2 NPT @ 100 PSI
  • Weight: 6000 lbs. (for 20'L)


  • Custom built from 12' to 80' lengths of walls
  • Power width adjust for various wall lengths
  • Continuous squaring lip for precision squaring

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Squaring/Sheathing Station Options:

  • Joystick operates all functions
  • Single or double tool bar for multiple sheathing styles
  • Automatic bridge return to the parked position
  • Plate Fire
  • Perimeter Fire
  • Tilt Tool Bar
  • Knee Wall feature for short walls
  • Chain conveyor

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