Steel Truss System

Efficinetly build steel trusses with our uniquely engineered Steel Truss System.


Triad's Steel Truss System was designed with efficiency in mind. It utilizes moveable interlocking fixture carriages tp be positioned anywhere, creating a friendly workspace to enhance production.

The pucks are completely adjustable and the carriages also provide a securing mechanism. The overhead gantry provides a weightless tool for the worker, that can be positioned anywhere within the table.

The low profile of the Steel Truss System allows a unique sturdy walking platform (not shown in photos) throughout the entire table, that does not require any repositioning when changing truss configurations.

The pop-up rail system will automatically lift and move the truss from the workspace. Once the pop-up rail system is back to its folded position, it creates a walk space between the table and the exiting conveyor.

The Steel Truss System can be sized for 12' to 80' long trusses and fit 14' to 20' pieces (bottom cord to peak). Triad's Steel Truss System can accommodate most types of styles of trusses.

All specifications are determined by customer's needs.

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