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VersaSteel Framing Table

With the highest production rate of all our steel stud tables, the VersaSteel Table is engineered to last.


Triad’s VersaSteel Framing Table can build walls 16’ to 80’ long and is adjustable in width from 6’9” to 16’3” (custom sizes available upon request).

This table is designed to increase production capabilities of steel stud wall panels. Materials are quickly set utilizing Triad's stud locator flippers, then fastened effortlessly with the Triad Twin Screw Dolly.

The VersaSteel utilizes a rack and pinion situated under the table, for wall height adjustments. This provides a unique walk-through design giving workers easy access to deliver pre-built rough openings or put on strapping.

A continuous squaring lip runs the length of the table to assure a quality, square wall. Production time is cut to only minutes using the Versa-Steel Framing Table.


  • Electrical Standard: 110 V
  • Weight: 6000 lbs.


  • Fastens materials 2x4 to 2x8

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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